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The video is about Le Verger’s Christian Science nurse training program, it was filmed in 2013 at Le Verger, in Rolle, Switzerland. Craig Stephens, Le Verger’s president, asks questions of Margit Peltzer and Wendy Blumer Abdollahi (co-directors of Le Verger’s Training Department) about Le Verger’s training program, and their vision for Christian Science nurses training world wide.

The presentation is in total 35 min long, and was cut into three parts: Part 1, part 2 and part 3.

Contributions are tax-deductible and may be sent to Christian Science Nurse Training at Le Verger

c/o The Dominion Foundation

PO Box 17855 Richmond, VA 23226

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Margit Peltzer

Wendy Blumer Abdollahi 

Craig a. Stephens

Le Verger

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Le Verger constitutes the “useful surroundings” for this new world wide approach to Christian Science nurse training, but it cannot fund it.

Our training in Brazil, Germany, Portugal, France, Australia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and elsewhere was and is only possible with the support of sponsors, such as:

The Dominion Foundation (in the USA)

The Albert Baker Fund (in the USA)

The Isabel Foundation (in the USA)

Associação Arco Iris (in Brazil)

The Frisch Fund (in Germany)

ONSC Organisation pour promouvoir le nursing de la Science Chrétienne (in France)

Förderverein Christlich-Wissenschaftliche Pflege e.V. (in Germany)

Westminster Fund (in the UK)

Victoria Christian Science Nurses’ Support Association Inc. (in Australia)

Walter Campbell Memorial Trust Fund (in Australia)

The First Church of Christ Scientist, Brisbane (in Australia)

and other private donors

If you would like to support this world wide Christian Science nurse training activity and vision, please send your tax-deductible contributions to “Christian Science nurse training at Le Verger” c/o The Dominion Foundation: