Social Media ManagerWe are happy to announce the immediate availability of Social Media Management services for select clients.

The purpose of these services is to improve engagement, reach and ultimately follower / subscriber counts for your organization. ┬áThis has been a much-requested service, and due to the time-intensive nature we have a limited number of clients we’re offering this to.


Each plan includes a dedicated Social Media Manager who does the actual sharing, liking, promoting, etc. Client must have a dedicated point of contact for approving content and deciding strategy / direction with the Social Media Manager.

There is a one-time fee of $150 to setup all accounts and configure as necessary. The Social Media Manager will need admin access to any existing Social Media accounts, or will create new accounts as necessary. Part of the setup process will include documenting the initial state of the Social Media stats for the clients (such as # of followers for each account, total likes / shares / etc, if supported by the platform).

Blog or website calendar posts124
Facebook posts248
Twitter posts248
Instagram posts24
LinkedIn posts (company page)4
Social Interactions (Liking / Sharing)Bi-WeeklyWeekly
Total Posts per month41228

Content Development

In general, we will be primarily focused on promoting, sharing and liking existing relevant Client content on Social Media networks. The Social Media Manager is there to amplify the voice of the Client, not necessarily to author extensive original content in place of active Client participation. An overall Content Strategy Plan and Posting Calendar Schedule will be developed for each Client, with regular check-ins to ensure that expectations are being met. Each plan includes an initial Social Media Stats Analysis that will give an overview snapshot of current social media metrics.

Sample ideas for Content posting / sharing:

  • Upcoming Local Calendar items (special events, lectures, etc)
  • Sharing existing recent news (Client-authored blog posts)
  • Weekly Bible Lesson Subject / Golden Text sharing
  • Sharing weekly Sentinel Watch podcast links
  • Sharing / reblogging weekly Christian Science Monitor religious articles
  • Linking to Christian Science related posts on other websites (healings, articles, etc)

Typical Process / Workflow

  1. After initial payment and signed proposal are received, work is scheduled to begin.
  2. Social Media Manager will coordinate account setup / credentials transfer / configuration with Client.
  3. Social Media Manager will develop Content Strategy Plan of action and with approval / agreement from Client regarding specific content and also develop Content Calendar to establish expected publishing schedules.
  4. Social Media Manager will prepare initial Social Media Stats Analysis for Client documenting current social media metrics.  This establishes an initial baseline.
  5. Social Media Manager posts and interacts on behalf of client according to the schedule.

Prepayment Discount

The packages offered in this proposal already reflect a non-profit discount of 20% off our regular pricing. We offer an additional prepayment discount of 10% off for 6 month billing (~1 free month of service per year), or 20% off for annual billing (~2 free months of service per year).

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