Take your Christian Science lecture outreach to the next level!

Healing 101Share the Practice can help you with every stage of producing a Christian Science lecture video for your church, society or organization, including: preparation, promotion, filming, producing a live webcast, editing and sharing a final high quality version. We can also offer an optional cross-promotion on the Healing 101 Series website for talks that qualify and are appropriate. We have also helped with a number of video editing projects that aren’t specifically Christian Science lectures, so if you would like more info about that, please fill out the “Request a Quote” form at the bottom of the page for more info.

Sample Share the Practice / Healing 101 Series video:

Video Production and Promotion


We help you create a strategy and game plan for your lecture. If you’re going to do a live webcast, we help prepare you and the lecturer for what that will entail. We’ll help you source needed equipment, and give you a preparation checklist so everyone will be prepared for the live event.

Print Advertising and Promotion

Share the Practice can optionally help you produce and get printed postcards, flyers and posters to help promote your lecture. You can mail and distribute these to help promote the talk.

Digital Advertising and Promotion

We can assist with digital advertising for your talk. We’ve had good experience with running both Facebook and Google ads to help boost interest and viewership of online talks.

If your talk qualifies for the Healing 101 Series (see below), we are able to help promote it to our list of over 1,600 email subscribers who have expressed an interest in the series and want to be notified when there are new talks to watch.

Video Production

Beginning about 2 hours before the talk we’ll help get the technical equipment in place to support filming and live-streaming. During an in-person lecture, we typically record using 2 cameras, and live-stream from one of them. Using a wireless microphone, we ensure that sound levels are good and that everyone can hear the talk clearly. We normally place the streaming camera “front and center”, meaning that online viewers have a view as if they were sitting in the front row of the audience. We record a high-quality version of the video stream for post-production editing, and then help put all the technical equipment away when done.

Live-Streaming Webcast / Zoom Lectures

During the lecture, we manage the online webcasting platform (Zoom and YouTube livestreams are a common solution), including taking questions from the online audience at the end of the talk. During the talk we monitor the streaming signal strength and connection, ensuring that online viewers have the best experience possible.

Video Editing / Post-Production

After the talk is over, we edit the talk to create a dynamic video that can be viewed multiple times and that helps keep the viewer’s attention. We add a title screen and final credits / learn more screen, and then prepare the video for publishing and sharing online.

Post-Event Promoting

The Share the Practice YouTube channel currently has Unavailable subscribers, features Unavailable uploaded videos that have been viewed a total of Unavailable times. Whenever we upload a new video to our channel it has a chance to be viewed by each of our subscribers, along with the world-wide audience of YouTube users.

Once the video is uploaded to YouTube, you’ll be given a link to embed it on your own website, send to your mailing list, share on Facebook and more.

Healing 101 Partnership

Healing 101 Landing Page

In addition to the steps outlined above, if the talk you are hosting qualifies to become part of the Healing 101 Series website, we can help promote it to over 1,600 opt-in subscribers on our mailing list and on the Healing 101 website. These are people who have watched a past Healing 101 live webinar, or have chosen to be notified when a new lecture is made available. It is a way to magnify and extend your outreach efforts. Many of the subscribers have also opted to auto-subscribe to any new online webinars, meaning you’ll have a head start on your online viewership if you go this route.

Healing 101 Series Qualifications

Here is what we’re looking for when we’re considering if a talk is appropriate to add to the Healing 101 series website:

  • New content — We prefer to add new content to the site. This means new speakers, or new talks given by speakers who have already been featured on Healing 101.
  • Speaker Approval for Online Video — Please check with your speaker to make sure they are OK with a video of their talk going online. Some speakers only approve of live-streaming their talks, some don’t want any online audience, only in-person.
  • Longevity — We ask that videos be approved for online sharing for a minimum of 6 months to a year, and preferably indefinitely. The longer talks are available online, the easier it is for people to find them, share them, and get value from the ideas. Most Healing 101 videos are viewed thousands of times online.
  • Appropriate — Healing 101 is a “free lecture series for learners of all ages”. Many of our talks have been given at universities and other places of learning. We encourage speakers and topics that take a fresh approach at tackling the issues of today, and particularly like to feature talks that are accessible for a younger (i.e. college or university-level) audience.

Costs for Hosting an Online Lecture

You can expect to spend between anywhere from $1,200 to $2,000 per talk to film, edit and promote the video (this is in addition to the costs of hosting the lecturer, venue and equipment rental if needed, etc). This pays for our time, production, editing, promotion, advertising and printing costs (if desired). Please specify the specific services you would like to request in the form below, and if you have a target budget for these services.

Get a Quote

Please fill out the form below to get a quote on your specific talk. Please include as much information as possible so that we can give you an accurate estimate. We’ll aim to get back to you in 2-3 business days with our schedule availability as well as any follow-up questions.