Christian Science Practitioner iPhone app – PracTrak

Check out this neat iPhone app called PracTrak made by Dale Matheny / Ray of Light Software — it looks like it’s an all-in-one Christian Science practitioner billing and tracking system for your patients on your iPhone.  Could be an interesting solution if you don’t have a better way of doing it already.  It currently costs $49.99 $2.99 but may very well be worth it if it meets your needs.

Click here to view or purchase PracTrak in the Apple App Store

If you are just looking for a web-based billing solution instead of an iPhone only app, we also highly recommend trying out Freshbooks — it is really easy to use and customize and has a free account you can use to test it out.  It’s what we use to manage our own invoicing and it’s really nice.

P.S. If you’re a practitioner and have tried out the PracTrak app or use some other method of billing your patients we’d love it if you shared your experiences in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Christian Science Practitioner iPhone app – PracTrak

  1. CS Practioner

    I am not sure why you refer to individuals who seek practioner help as “patients”? I have been a Christian Scientist for over 20 years and rarely is this term used and have only heard it in the context of a Christian Science who is at a CS nursing home and is under care of a CS Nurse. In my opinion “patients” is a medical term and practioners from my experience never use it when giving treatments.

  2. admin Post author

    Thanks for the feedback. Probably since my mom worked as a Christian Science nurse at a facility for ~30 years that is why I used the term “patients”. How do you refer to the people who call you? Customers? Clients?

    Thanks again,

  3. Dottie

    HI ~ thanks for the demo ~ looks so simple! I am wondering if there is a comparable app for Droid cell phones?
    PS nI response to the above comment ~ I have always heard those asking for Christian Science treatment referred to as “patients”.

  4. jokerman7

    Mrs. Eddy uses the term “patient” to refer to those receiving Christian Science treatment over 100 times in her writings. Never once does she use the terms “client” or “customer”. I have never heard of patients being referred to as anything else either in church or in my own practice. This causes me to believe that the person who posted that comment is neither a practitioner nor a Christian Scientist.

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