Progress towards perfection in our church

Mary Baker Eddy

Mrs. Eddy sat back to be questioned.
“The continuity of The Church of Christ, Scientist,”
she said, in her clear voice, “is assured. It is growing
wonderfully. It will embrace all the churches, one by
one, because in it alone is the simplicity of the oneness
of God; the oneness of Christ and the perfecting of man
stated scientifically.”
“How will it be governed after all now concerned in
its government shall have passed on?”
“It will evolve scientifically. Its essence is evangelical.
Its government will develop as it progresses.”
“Will there be a hierarchy, or will it be directed by a
single earthly ruler?”
“In time its present rules of service and present ruler-
ship will advance nearer perfection.”

— MY p342

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  1. Claude Hopkins

    I’m newly a CS. Interested in furthering my practice. (Not Journal listed yet) Learning all I can!

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