Healing 101 Lecture Series returns starting April 4, 2017 with 5 new speakers

The Healing 101 series is returning in
April 2017 with 5 new speakers,
free registration is now open!

We’re excited to announce that Healing 101, the successful Christian Science lecture series that premiered last spring, will be once again available in a new series this April, and you are invited to tune in! There will be 5 lectures in this year’s series, each sharing different perspectives and experiences on the utility and power of healing through prayer, a particular need at this time.

Announcing the 2017 Healing 101 Series Speakers

April 3, 2017 - How to Make Change for the Better by Janet Hegarty, CSB
April 3 Webinar Registration Link  |  Facebook RSVP / Invite Your Friends

April 10, 2017 - Mary Baker Eddy's Legacy: 150 Years of Practical Spirituality by Tony Lobl, CS
April 10 Webinar Registration Link  |  Facebook RSVP / Invite Your Friends

April 17 - The Law of Harmony and Christian Science Healing by Josh Niles, CSB
April 17 Webinar Registration Link  |  Facebook RSVP / Invite Your Friends

April 24 - Spiritual Discovery: How You Can Better the World by Tom McElroy, CS
April 24 Webinar Registration Link  |  Facebook RSVP / Invite Your Friends

May 1 - Never Alone: How Spiritual Ideas Work in Us by Melanie Wahlberg, CS
May 1 Webinar Registration Link  |  Facebook RSVP / Invite Your Friends

The free talks will be given in person and simultaneously webcast, viewable afterwards for a period online. You can find the live locations (most will be on or near university campuses) or register for one or all the lectures online by visiting the Healing 101 website, or clicking the links above. We also have a Facebook page, and you are invited to check it out, Like it, and invite your friends to each talk that looks interesting!  This is one of the most useful things you can do besides forwarding this email to a friend to help get the word out!

How do I invite my Facebook friends to these talks after I register?

We also have a PDF flyer you can print out and post anywhere you think it would be helpful to share this with the public.  Download it here.

We hope you will be enriched this new line-up.  Feel free to leave a comment on our Facebook page or on any of the individual Event RSVP pages on Facebook.

Many thanks to all of the supporting churches and CSOs who are supporting the 2017 Healing 101 series!

  • Christian Science Organization at UC Berkeley
  • Christian Science Organization at UC Davis
  • Christian Science Organization at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
  • First Church of Christ, Scientist, Orinda
  • First Church of Christ, Scientist, Oakland
  • Tenth Church of Christ, Scientist,Oakland
  • First Church of Christ, Scientist, Pleasant Hill
  • First Church of Christ, Scientist, Napa
  • First Church of Christ, Scientist, Davis
  • Christian Science Society, Point Richmond

Wishing you a joyous day,
The Healing 101 organizing team

Feedback about the 2016 Healing 101 Lecture Series:

“Thank you very, very much. We will treasure this series of lectures and will get back to them as often as needed. They are a cup of fresh water. Since we live in northern Ontario and cannot attend any lecture in person, this effort from the Christian Science community is very valuable. Thank you again.“ — Thomas von Cardinal

“Thank you very much Christie, for this wonderful talk. And our gratitude to Healing 101 Lecture series for making it possible. I used to always want to attend lectures when I saw them announced on the Sentinel, but never was able to because we live in a very rural area. And now, thanks to technology -the so called magic of technology, but it is the reality of technology- I am able to attend these conferences.“ — Teresa Contreras Granguillhome

“I definitely want to share this with my friends.” — Truth Johnston

“Wonderful ideas! Thank you!” — Gail

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